Synthetic Urine And What The Trucking Industry Is Doing About It

When it comes to drug testing employees, one of the trucking industry’s biggest problems is the easy access to purchase synthetic urine. Whether it’s for pre-employment, random testing, or anything else, synthetic urine has been presenting a serious issue for the industry for awhile. Failed drug tests remain a serious problem, with many companies complaining that as many as half of applicants fail the drug screening required.

What Is Synthetic Urine?

It’s fake pee to help employees pass a drug screening. This varies from state to state, but synthetic urine can be purchased at smoke shops, adult shops, online, and even some gas stations. It can be snuck into the area where the sample is submitted and substituted for actual urine. Many of the synthetic urine kits come with an elastic belt that can be hidden underneath clothing, hand warmers, a temperature-sensitive strip, and of course, the pouch of fake urine. These kits have such names as Quick Fix, Sub Solution, Clean Stream, and UPass.

According to their packaging, synthetic urine is intended for research or novelty purposes, and the smaller print claims that the products are intended for lawful use only. However, this isn’t fooling anyone. These kits are widely discussed, rated,and promoted by pro-drug publications such as High Times.

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Does It Really Work?

Some brands do, and some don’t. Even the “best” ones can fail due to being submitted at the wrong temperature, bubbles in the “urine”, an MRO noticing no odor, and other factors. The employee himself may give himself away by making too much noise during submission, or leaving behind evidence. With prices ranging from $15 to $40, many box fronts claim a guaranteed pass; however, many eagle eyes will be on the fake urine, and the wrong temperature at submission will be a dead giveaway.

Synthetic Urine And What The Trucking Industry Is Doing About It What Can Trucking Employers Do?

With synthetic urine being readily available to whoever may want it, what can the commercial trucking industry do to protect the public, their drivers, and their reputation as a business?

  • Many companies now require the employee to empty their pockets first in an attempt to both find hidden synthetic urine pouches and frighten the employee out of cheating.
  • Fake urine is also now being banned from truck stops, and
  • some companies are charging fines to employees who have been caught cheating.
  • Some companies are switching over to a different way of drug testing altogether. Hair drug screening is increasingly popular due to its ability to reveal drug use from farther back, as well as its difficulty to cheat on.

Finally, as technology improves, drug testing is becoming more and more sophisticated and sensitive. Since “reliable” synthetic urine will also have to evolve to fit the times, more and more workers who cheat by using it are being found out. Be sure to partner with a cutting-edge company that uses the latest in drug screening technology in order to keep employees from cheating.

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