CDL Drug Testing Consortium Programs

Whether you’re an owner operator, work at a trucking business, or own a trucking business with hundreds or thousands of employees, CDL drug and alcohol testing is necessary to stay DOT compliant. Consortium Pool helps individuals and organizations follow the Department of Transportation’s drug and alcohol testing guidelines by providing convenient, cost-effective services and 24-hour support to clients across the country.

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Dot Testing

Mandatory CDL Drug Testing

Pre-Employment Testing

Commercial truck drivers must pass a pre-employment drug testing before being hired to become DOT compliant. Pre-Employment testing ensures your company is staying compliant and making smarter hiring decisions from day one by avoiding costly fines and penalties.

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Random Testing

Commercial truck drivers are required to take randomized drug testing. Random alcohol tests are done prior to, during, or directly after delivery. Random testing helps ensure that all truck drivers and employees consistently adhere to the DOT and FMCSA policies that are in place for safety.

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Post-Accident Test

FMCSA post-accident drug testing is required of truck drivers after he or she is involved in an accident to stay DOT compliant and ensure adherence.

Reasonable Suspicion Test

Commercial truck drivers must submit a FMCSA drug or alcohol test if their employer or supervisor suspects drug or alcohol abuse. Learn more about reasonable suspicion drug testing.

Return-To-Duty Test

Drug tests are required for truck drivers when returning to duty if they were penalized for previously disobeying DOT compliance regulations.

Follow Up Test

Once a commercial truck driver has returned to duty after DOT compliance violations, they will have regular follow-up drug screenings.

CDL Drug Testing Consortium & DOT Compliance Programs

Stay safe on the road and remain DOT Compliant with our simple enrollment plan options. Simply enroll in our CDL drug-testing consortium, meet the drug testing requirements, and maintain a drug & alcohol workplace policy to stay compliant! Take your CDL drug test at one of over 12,000 locations.

DOT Compliant

  • Enrollment Certificate
  • Drug & Alcohol Policy
  • Employee Education Guide
  • Access To 12K Collection Sites
  • Medical Review
  • Pre-Employment Drug Test
  • FREE Annual Random Test

$55.95 (covers 1 driver)

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Additional Drivers ($15 each)

Pre-Employment Drug Testing ($65 each)

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DOT Compliant
Enrollment & Testing

  • Enrollment Certificate
  • Drug & Alcohol Policy
  • Employee Education Guide
  • Access To 12K Collection Sites
  • Medical Review
  • Pre-Employment Drug Test
  • FREE Annual Random Test

$155 (covers 1 driver)

Add On:

Add Additional Drivers ($109 each)

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DOT Compliant
Training Courses

These courses meet or exceed the training requirements in all 50-states for the following federal agencies: FMCSA, FAA, FTA, FRA, USCG, PHMSA that use the DOT guidelines.

  • Employee & Supervisor Awareness Training
  • Drug & Alcohol Test Training
  • Same-Day Certificate Issuance
  • Instant Course Access
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Driver Qualification File Management

  • Commercial Driver Application
  • MVR Report
  • Previous Employer Verification
  • Medical Exam Status
  • Crash Inspection Report (PSP)
  • Clearinghouse Query

Streamline Your Compliance Procedures & Potentially Avoid Hefty Fines

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Truck Stop

DOT Compliance Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs For Carriers & Truckers

Consortium Pool is the nation’s leading CDL drug and alcohol testing consortium made exclusively for FMCSA-regulated drivers like owner-operators or companies employing truck drivers. With over 10,000 testing locations to choose from simple and affordable package options, you and your company can remain DOT compliant to stay safe on the road and avoid costly penalties, fines, and litigation.

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DOT Compliance Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs For Owner-Operators

Own your own rig and need to stay DOT compliant? We help keep owner-operators DOT compliant with our CDL drug and alcohol testing packages. We know as an owner-operator you have a lot on your plate, let us help you manage the load by keeping you DOT compliant so that you can stay safe out on the road and keep hauling loads across the country in a safe manner.

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Dot Clearinghouse

DOT FMCSA Clearinghouse

Since January 6, 2020 the FMCSA Clearinghouse has become mandatory for truckers, owner-operators, and organizations to stay compliant and update this directory. Our dedicated team can help you and your organization navigate the process and take you through step-by-step to continue to keep your CDL Drivers registered with a clearinghouse.

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Drug Test For CDL Permit

Congratulations on earning your CDL permit! That’s a great accomplishment and now you’re almost ready to hit the open road and join one of the biggest industries in America! Consortium Pool has the right drug testing packages to keep you DOT compliant and staying safe on the road. Ensuring you remain compliant is the easiest way to make sure you’re able to continuously stay on the road, haul loads, and make a great living! Being new to the industry may be challenging but Consortium Pool is here to help you every step of the way!

A Drug Test For CDL School?

Thinking about becoming a truck driver but are wondering if you need to take a drug test for CDL school? The simplest answer is that it depends. If you are looking to enroll in a non-certified CDL driving school, you do not need to take a drug test. If, however, you are enrolling in a state-certified CDL school, you are required to take and pass a drug test to gain entrance into the school program.

We provide schools the necessary drug testing needs that they require for their students to take.

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Cdl Drug Test
Consortium Pool Software

Driver Qualification File

Stay on top of all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) with our Driver Qualification File Management Software and Service. Staying organized and compliant should be your company’s top priority to ensure driver and road safety. Our DQ File Management service tracks and keeps all your company-related documents in one organized place.

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CDL Employee & Supervisor

Stay DOT Compliant with our easy-to-access online supervisor and employee training. Our courses are DOT-approved and will ensure compliance for your team to allow your employees to have the proper education on how a drug free workplace benefits them and your company.

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Truck Driver Behind Wheel

Over 12,000
CDL Drug Testing Locations

At Consortium Pool we’ve made our DOT CDL drug testing programs convenient for everyone. We work with over 12,000 DOT CDL drug testing laboratories across the nation to ensure every trucker and owner-operator is able to conveniently get the testing they need. All of our facilities comply with DOT and FMCSA regulations and guidelines and all laboratory staff are trained on proper protocols and procedures.

Cdl Dot Testing Cdl Dot Testing