DOT Random Drug Testing For FMCSA & CDL Drivers

It’s one thing to become DOT compliant, but there are a whole other set of things that truckers, owner-operators, and companies must do to stay compliant. DOT random drug testing is required of all employees at least once a year. Consortium Pool offers simple and affordable programs to keep drivers DOT compliant year-round.

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Dot Drug Testing

What Is DOT Random Drug Testing?

DOT random drug testing for CDL drivers is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. FMCSA and CDL drivers and employee names are placed into a DOT random drug testing pool and are randomly selected via a computer-generated selection process. All employees in the testing pool have an equal chance of being chosen for the DOT random drug testing. Once a FMCSA and CDL driver is selected, he or she must immediately report for the test in order to prevent the opportunity to rid their system of any illegal drugs.

The minimum percentage of employees that must be tested within a testing pool fluctuates from year to year but it typically remains within 25 to 50% of employees for random drug testing. The minimum percentage of employees that must be tested for random alcohol testing typically falls within 10 to 25%.

DOT Random Drug Testing Programs For CDL Drivers

To help keep truck drivers, owner-operators, and companies DOT compliant, Consortium Pool has created simple and affordable DOT random drug testing programs to choose from. See our package options below.

DOT Compliant

  • Enrollment Certificate
  • Drug & Alcohol Policy
  • Employee Education Guide
  • Access To 12K Collection Sites
  • Medical Review
  • Pre-Employment Drug Test
  • FREE Annual Random Test

$55.95 (covers 1 driver)

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Additional Drivers ($15 each)

Pre-Employment Drug Testing ($65 each)

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DOT Compliant
Enrollment & Testing

  • Enrollment Certificate
  • Drug & Alcohol Policy
  • Employee Education Guide
  • Access To 12K Collection Sites
  • Medical Review
  • Pre-Employment Drug Test
  • FREE Annual Random Test

$155 (covers 1 driver)

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Add Additional Drivers ($109 each)

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DOT Compliant
Training Courses

These courses meet or exceed the training requirements in all 50-states for the following federal agencies: FMCSA, FAA, FTA, FRA, USCG, PHMSA that use the DOT guidelines.

  • Employee & Supervisor Awareness Training
  • Drug & Alcohol Test Training
  • Same-Day Certificate Issuance
  • Instant Course Access
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Driver Qualification File Management

  • Commercial Driver Application
  • MVR Report
  • Previous Employer Verification
  • Medical Exam Status
  • Crash Inspection Report (PSP)
  • Clearinghouse Query

Streamline Your Compliance Procedures & Potentially Avoid Hefty Fines

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Dot Random Drug Testing

Random Drug Testing Benefits

Often times truck drivers and companies may feel like DOT random drug testing for CDL drivers may be unnecessary and a waste of resources. That couldn’t be further from the truth. DOT random drug testing for CDL drivers helps both truck drivers and companies remain compliant and keep the roads safe.

A DOT random drug testing pool for CDL drivers also helps:

  • Reducing absenteeism and downtime.
  • Improving attendance & employee productivity.
  • Preventing needs & costs of substance abuse recovery programs.
  • Providing a safer workplace with reduced accidents.
  • Limiting drug abusers from applying to your company.
Enrollment Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you probably have many questions about DOT random drug testing and what’s involved with it. We get asked dozens of questions about the FMCSA drug and alcohol programs and we’re happy to answer them as best as we can! Take a look below at some of the most frequently asked questions.

How Does Random Drug Selection Work?

It’s as simple as your drivers’ names being put into a testing pool. A computer-generated selection will be made so that all employees have an equal chance of being chosen for drug testing. Once a driver is selected, he or she needs to report for their test immediately in order to prevent the opportunity to rid their system of any illegal drugs.

How Often Are DOT Random Drug Tests Done?

DOT Random drug tests are done quarterly.

Are DOT Random Drug Tests Actually Random?

Yes they are if done correctly. Truck driver names are entered into a pool and are selected randomly via computer-generated selection.

A driver can be randomly selected multiple times in a calendar year—even within a short period of time. In fact, it’s common. All drivers have an equal chance of being randomly selected during each selection time, no matter if they’ve just been selected the previous time or not.

If one of your drivers is randomly selected multiple times, he or she may feel as though they’re being singled out and unfairly targeted—especially if the other drivers aren’t being randomly selected. If this is the case, let the driver in question know that random selections are made from a computer-generated, completely unbiased selection system. Explain that every driver is equal when it comes to the random selection process.

Because a driver may feel that this is unfair, you may be interested in sending another driver in their place. However, this isn’t allowed. Per DOT regulations, it must be the driver who was selected that has to take the test, even if they’ve just been tested last period.

What Happens If I Fail A Random Drug or Alcohol Test?

If you fail or refuse a DOT random drug or alcohol test, you will be taken out of safety-sensitive duties until you complete the return-to-duty process. This requires passing a follow-up drug test and submitting to random testing for at least the next 12-60 months.

Will I Lose My CDL License If I Fail A Random Drug Test?

A driver who fails a DOT random drug test will not lose their license but will instead be immediately removed from safety-sensitive duties and will need to go through the return-to-duty process.

Do We Get Advance Notifications For Random Drug Testing?

No, drivers are not allowed to receive advanced notifications for random drug testing. Random drug tests are supposed to be unannounced to the drivers to ensure quality control.

Can Random Drug Testing Be Arranged?

No, random drug testing cannot be arranged for you as a truck driver because this would defeat the purpose of the test being random. Arranging a random drug test would also put the company owner at risk of legal action because there would be no documentation proving it was truly a random process. If an owner suspects a truck driver to be doing drugs, they may arrange for them to have a reasonable suspicion drug test which is perfectly within their rights.

Can Prescribed Medications Affect Random Drug Tests?

As a driver you may be on prescribed medication like pain killers which may worry you in the event of a random drug test. However, medical review officers (MROs) do review your test results to ensure the accuracy of them. If you receive a positive test result based off a prescribed medication, the MRO, who is highly trained in medications, will speak to you to determine if the medication is legitimately needed and legal. If you are taking a prescribed medication for the correct reasons then you should have nothing to worry about.

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Many company owners wonder if they can arrange a random selection. Drug testing is a delicate area, and while the owner may suspect one of their drivers of doing drugs, they might not want to accuse them because they’re friends. However, in this case, the owner will need to send the driver for a reasonable suspicion drug test, not an “arranged” random selection test. By conducting a “random” test that has been arranged, you could be putting your company at risk for legal action, since there would be no documentation that shows how the individual was selected for random testing. A reasonable suspicion test happens when a driver has given reason for others to believe he or she may be doing drugs, such as speech, behavior, or odors of the driver. You may frustrate your driver, but by testing him or her in the right way, you could be saving lives.

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