FMCSA Driver Qualification File Management For DOT

Keeping FMCSA-regulated companies organized and inline with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) can be a daunting task by yourself without having a proper system. Our FMCSA Driver Qualification File Management software and services assist you with organizing and standardizing your truck driver documents. The DQ File Management software makes staying DOT compliant much simpler and more efficient, saving your company time, energy, and money.

Stay Organized & DOT Compliant With DQ File Management

  • Commercial Driver Application
  • MVR Report
  • Employer Verification & Background Check
  • Medical Exam Status
  • Crash Inspection Report (PSP)
  • Clearinghouse Query

Streamline Your Compliance Procedures & Potentially Avoid Hefty Fines.

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Driver Qualification File Management

Driver Qualification File Management For Truckers

Our Driver Qualification File Management Software is designed to keep truckers and the trucking industry compliant with Department Of Transportation and FMCSA regulations. Keep your team organized so they can keep hauling loads and spend less time managing paperwork. This is why Consortium Pool offers a reliable Driver Qualification (DQ) File Management system that is easy to use, affordable, and will help streamline the driver qualification process. Our DQ File Management system allows you to focus more on important tasks and less on keeping track of paperwork and files. Our file management system is suitable for fleet companies of all sizes.

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Benefits Of FMCSA Driver Qualification File Management Software

Our FMCSA DQ File Management Software will immediately pay off when you see how efficient it is and the time your team saves. When you use this file management system you’ll quickly see how it will simplify your DOT compliance program.

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DOT Driver Qualification File Management Software Features

The beauty of our Driver Qualification Management Software is how simple it is for team members to use and the features it offers.
Our system is can be uniquely customized to each individual user and driver.

Here are some of the features of our Driver Qualification Management Software:

  • Web-based software
  • Simple customization
  • Secure servers for your data
  • Automatic notifications
  • Accessible from any device
  • Access to reports
  • Electronic signatures
  • Background checks

How Our DQ File Management Software & System Works

Consortium Pool’s driver qualification file management system allows transportation companies to create and assign tasks to drivers, conveniently see what needs their attention, provides reports, keeps track of inspections and citations – among other things. Since this system is web-based, it is also very easy to customize it.

In addition, you won’t have to worry about loss of documents, files, or inaccuracies because the system streamlines the entire process. It is a very simple platform to use and can be accessed on all devices – smartphone, laptop, desktop. As an added bonus, you will be eliminating excess cost by going paperless.

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Consortium Pool Software

Driver Qualification File Checklist

To ensure you remain DOT compliant, it’s vital that your driver qualification documentation is kept up to date for each specific document and for the correct duration. We put together this quick checklist to help ensure your compliance.

The following documents should be included in a DQ file for the duration of your employment

  • Driver-specific application for employment (§391.221);
  • Original motor vehicle record (MVR) requested from state(s) within 30 days of hire (§391.23);
  • Road test or road test exemption:
    • Road test form and certificate conducted by your motor carrier (§391.31(g)), or
    • Photocopy of a CDL accepted in lieu of road test – not applicable if hired to operate doubles, triples, or tankers. (Note: No subsequent copies of license renewals required.) (§391.33(a)(1));
  • Background investigations (§391.23):
    • Drivers hired before October 30, 2004: General employment verifications sent to all former employers for the 3 years prior to the application date or a record of a good faith effort; or
    • Drivers hired on or after October 30, 2004: Safety Performance History data from all former DOT-regulated employers for the 3 years prior to the application date or a record of a good faith effort. This form must be maintained in accordance with §391.53 (secure, limited access) and may be in a separate Driver Investigation History file; and if applicable, any driver rebuttals to the Safety Performance History data and responses to the rebuttals from the former DOT-regulated employers.

The following documents should be included in the DQ file for three years from date of execution:

  • Medical certificate or MVR showing that driver is medically certified (§391.43(g)):
    • Medical exam certificate, original or copy, for all non-CDL drivers; or
    • Medical exam certificate, original or copy, kept for up to 15 days, until the CDL/CLP driver’s MVR can be obtained, showing medical certification status; or
    • Current MVR showing CDL/CLP driver’s medical certification status.
  • If applicable, documentation of any variance, exemption, or waiver from the physical qualification standards (§391.51 (b)(7));
  • Verification that medical examiner was listed on National Registry (for exams conducted after May 20, 2014) (§391.51 (b)(9));
  • Annual motor vehicle record (§391.25);
  • Annual review of driving record (§391.25); and
  • Annual list of violations from driver (§391.27).

The DQ file and Driver Investigation History file must be retained for 3 years after a driver leaves your employment.

The following documents are also required and kept in the DQ file, but are not applicable to all drivers:

  • Longer Combination Vehicle (LCV) Driver-Training Certificate (§380.401); and
  • Entry-level driver training certificate (§380.509(b)).

Multiple Employer Driver

The DQ file for a driver which meets the “multiple employer driver” definition and employed under the rules in §391.63 must include:

  • Proof of medical certification, as described above (§391.43(g));
  • Road test from and certificate (391.31 (g)), or a photocopy of a CDL or certificate accepted in lieu of road test (§391.33);
  • Driver’s name and Social Security number; and
  • Identification number, type, and issuing state of motor vehicle operator’s license.

Records should be kept for the duration of employment plus 3 years after employment finishes.

Driver Borrowed From Another Motor Carrier

For drivers that meet the criteria set in §391.65(a)(1), a motor carrier may accept:

  • A certificate, completed by both the driver and primary employing motor carrier that meets the prescribed format in §391.65(a)(2) (Note: Motor carriers must verify the certificate’s validity via phone, letter, or in person.)