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Clearinghouse services for commercial driver’s licenses (CDL) are now open for registration. Are you or your company registered and ready to be compliant with DOT for commercial tracking? At Consortium Pool, our dedicated team will help guide your company through the Department Of Transportation (DOT) mandatory Clearinghouse for CDL drivers, ensuring that you take the right stages and remain compliant thereafter.

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What Is CDL Clearinghouse?

The CDL Clearinghouse provides employers and privileged departments with a real-time accurate online database or records regarding positive drug and alcohol violations committed by CDL drivers. Also showing if they have been engaged in other disqualifying conduct, at previous and current employers.

This ensures that such drivers go through the required assessment and treatment before operating a CMV on public roads. It also helps employers avoid any risks that come with the hiring process.

Knowing the Clearinghouse CDL driver’s history can potentially minimize the number of violators on the roads and help keep citizens safe at all times.

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Dot Cdl Clearinghouse Registration For Truckers

CDL Clearinghouse Registration

It can be difficult to navigate the CDL Clearinghouse registration account and portal system due to there being so many guidelines and procedures for people in the industry to comply with. Therefore, we’ve created a specifically devoted team that’s informed about anything and everything you need to know to help anyone in the commercial driver’s industry to become compliant with DOT Clearinghouse rules.

Save a significant amount of your time by entrusting our team of qualified experts with your needs. Our team has studied the requirements and can help guide you through the process step-by-step. We’ll make sure you are able to get your affairs in order.

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Clearinghouse CDL Rules Who Must Submit Reports

Unsure if you are required to submit reports to the Clearinghouse? Anyone who holds a commercial driver’s license for driving on public roadways or employers who hire these drivers are affected by this new change. 

Some of the people who should take notice of this process include interstate and intrastate motor carriers, passenger carriers, school bus drivers, construction equipment operators, limousine drivers, municipal vehicle drivers, owner-operators, and business owners who employ any of the above.

Most companies and drivers are to continuously update their profiles after every drug testing. Therefore, there are some Clearinghouse CDL rules that you and your team should be aware of during the entirety of the process.

Parties are required to report and update drug and alcohol violations:

  • FMCSA-regulated employers
  • Medical Review Officers (MROs)
  • Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs)
  • Consortia/Third-Party Administrators (C/TPAs)
  • Other Service Agents 

Employers must search the clearinghouse database to learn if the potential CDL drivers have any drug and alcohol violations pre-employment. Employers must also annually monitor the database to see if their drivers are failing to take proper care of their wellbeing and safety while on the road. This keeps transparency between the driver and employer, as well as aids the employer in avoiding any liabilities.

Clearinghouse For Cdl

How Does CDL Clearinghouse Service Impact My Business?

The Clearinghouse is an added regulatory protocol for CDL employers to follow in order to be continuously compliant.

This protocol may impact your business in a variety of ways including:

  • The pre-employment process
  • Annual reviews
  • Disclosure & authorization process
  • Record-keeping requirements
  • Managing FMCSA drug and alcohol testing consortium programs
  • Background check dispute management
  • Employee training

Many employers may find it difficult and time-consuming to create and keep track of their books. This is very useful if employers need to bring forth any information during an auditing process. Consortium Pool has a dedicated team specifically for the commercial motor vehicle industry to assist you in navigating the rules and procedures so you can stay compliant. We’ll take you through a more simplified step-by-step process so that you don’t waste your valuable time trying to make sense of the system.

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