Unilever Boosts Trucking Start-Up Convoy With New Partnership

A host of new jobs could be hitting the trucking industry thanks to an unlikely source.

It was recently announced that trucking start-up Convoy has partnered with Unilever North America, a branch of the multinational Unilever consumer goods company, to expand its trucking routes with Convoy’s drivers. The deal is the biggest yet for the start-up, marking a major expansion for the already successful business and its app.

What Is Convoy?

Convoy is an trucking start-up that has developed an app to match shippers with carriers at the touch of a button. The app allows truckers to review and accept jobs in a matter of minutes, foregoing the tradition of using a broker to book jobs. There’s no negotiation required — all the trucker has to do is accept the terms of deal and they’re booked for the job.

Though the lack of negotiation might annoy some users, there’s no doubt that the app’s simple functionality make it a blessing for others. You can think of the app as Uber for the trucking industry, matching shippers with carriers quickly and efficiently. And of course, it’s ultimate goal is to get shipments to their destinations fast.

What Does The Convoy/Unilever Deal Mean For Truckers?

The deal should be a good one for all parties involved — Convoy, Unilever and truckers. It marks the start-up’s biggest deal yet, and will see the service expand to major partnerships with Unilever’s various vendors and retail facilities. Meanwhile, Unilever will be able to improve its traditional supply chain with additional support from Convoy’s network of drivers. And obviously, truckers using the app will find even more job offerings thanks to Unilever.

The Convoy/Unilever deal could bring a host of jobs to truckers around the country, and they’ll need to be ready to hit the road. Thankfully, Consortium Pool can help you and your drivers stay compliant with the Department of Transportation’s drug and alcohol testing guidelines. Be sure to contact Consortium Pool today for more information on our DOT drug and alcohol testing services.