The Benefits Of Drug & Alcohol Testing For Truck Drivers

Government-mandated drug and alcohol tests might seem like a hassle to your trucking business. Whether you run a commercial trucking company or are an independent owner/operator, you’ll have to follow the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) drug and alcohol testing requirements, taking you and your drivers off the road.

But those “annoying” test are actually a good thing for your business. Don’t believe us? Well, the experts at Consortium Pool are here to run through just some of the benefits of drug and alcohol testing for truck drivers.

Drug & Alcohol Tests Keep The Roads Safe

This should go without saying, but as a truck drivers you cannot hit the road while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You need to be completely cognizant behind the wheel, whether you’re driving a big rig or a box truck, especially when you’re on the road with regular drivers and pedestrians.

The main goal of DOT drug and alcohol testing is to keep the roads safe for both truck drivers and regular drivers. And in they definitely work. Truckers know that if they fail a drug test, they might be out of a job, ensuring they don’t drink or do drugs while working.

Maintain Your Business’ Reputation

Your trucking company needs to have a sterling reputation, and keeping up with regular drug and alcohol tests for drivers will certainly help that. By enrolling in a drug/alcohol testing program, you show those in your industry and potential clients that you’re serious about your business. You prove that you’re a serious player in the trucking world, ready to comply with the government’s requirements while providing superior services. Prospective clients will feel great knowing the high expectations you have for your drivers, helping you earn both their trust and business.

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Identify Drug & Alcohol Abuse

You never know what’s going on in a person’s private life. A co-worker or colleague who appears to have everything together might actually be dealing with some personal problems. And while nobody wants to fail a drug test or alcohol test, that failure can help them recognize they have an abuse problem. If you or a co-worker fail your DOT drug/alcohol test, you’ll be required to leave any safety-sensitive job functions and complete DOT-approved return-to-duty process, which includes counseling with a substance abuse professional.

DOT-requirements might seem like a hassle, but there are many benefits to drug and alcohol testing. These tests keep the roads safe, show potential clients you’re a serious player in the trucking industry, and help at-risk drivers get the help they need to deal with abuse problems. If you’re looking for DOT-compliant drug and alcohol testing, consider Consortium Pool. Our consortium offers a variety of drug/alcohol testing programs and 10,000 testing locations nationwide, providing employee education guides and 24/7 customer support to help you navigate the process. For more information on our services, contact Consortium Pool today.